Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 Reasons Direct Hit!'s Domesplitter Will Be One of the Best Albums of 2011

Direct Hit! is one of my favorite bands that is currently out there making music. They describe themselves as the Ramones meets Andrew WK meets The Thermals- which roughly translates to fun and energetic music that you can listen to and party hard. They've humbly released five EPs over the course of 2007-2010 as well as a couple of splits and they've given away all their music for free (although accepting donations and payment when offered). On August 2nd, they will be releasing their debut album, Domesplitter, and it will more than likely top a bunch of End of the Year lists. Here are 5 reasons why it will do that.

5. By the Fans, For the Fans
Before the band could afford to go into the studio to record, they raised money by selling boxsets of all their EPs on a cassette and with that package came a ballot of the receiver's 10 favorite Direct Hit! songs. They tallied the results and put the top 10 most voted songs on Domesplitter. So the songs that appear on the album were decided on democratically. Patriotism at its finest. 

This is a band free of ego. No annoyingly long song titles, no self righteous rants, no bloated schemes to steal your money (yet). They're straight forward and create music to have a good time. That attitude translates very well into the music. They may just rip off other artists who do it, but at least they rip off from the best. 

3. It's Like a Comic Book, But More Musical!
Okay, so technically Coheed & Cambria already called dibs on the whole marriage of music and comics (I'm sure KISS did it first, but Coheed ties their lyrics directly into the story of a comic). But Direct Hit!'s lyrics are more like pulp comics and B-horror flicks, dealing with monsters ("Monster in the Closet) or space ("In Orbit) or conspiracies to incite mayhem (Kingdom Come) or zombies ("Living Dead" and "They Came for Me") or even Satanism (Satan Says). You know, short stories that are still fun to read even if it's the millionth time. 

2. No More Need for Coffee, Soda or Other Caffeinated Drinks.
Seriously. Have you ever listened to a Direct Hit! song? There's so much energy rushing through them that a 5 Hour Energy Shot needs to take a 5 Hour Energy Shot just to keep up. Technically speaking, since all of the songs on Domesplitter already exist, but the new versions are even beefier. Compare the EP #4 version of "Monster in the Closet" with the Domesplitter version. They both rule, but which one gets you more pumped? I thought so.  

1. Because Fuck You, That's Why.
That may sound harsh, but think about it: If you don't like this band, you're probably not the type of person who likes fun anyway.

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