Thursday, November 24, 2011

Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific

I have a confession to make: I never really gave Banner Pilot a fair listen before. I heard all the praise for Collapser, I just never listened to it because I didn't really think Resignation Day was all too special when I first heard it. Of all the post-Rivethead bands out there, Banner Pilot was probably the one I listened to least.

But we all make mistakes.

I was hooked the first time I heard "Alchemy." Catchy hooks? Check. Raspy vocals? Check. Thick bass? Check. I'm kind of upset with myself for not listening to these guys sooner. They take what I love about the genre and do it super well. They do it so well that I thought for a moment that "Eraser" was a Jawbreaker cover before the lyrics kicked in. If that's not Jawbreaker-worship, then I don't know what is.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this album, except that these guys know how to stick to a formula that works for them. If you've listened to Banner Pilot (or Rivethead) (or Dillinger Four) (or Dear Landlord) (or Off With Their Heads) then you know what to expect. Punk rock songs about drinking and girls, but not lame like All Time Low. Banner Pilot doesn't break into any new territory at all on Heart Beats Pacific- for the genre or for the band members themselves. In fact, this album may as well just have been titled "Collapser 2." But sometimes the wheel just doesn't need reinventing, ya know?

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