Monday, October 15, 2012

Album Review: Domestikated - 5 Minutes in Time Out!

Domestikated is a two piece punk band that puts a lyrical emphasis on mocking stereotypical suburban life. 5 Minutes in Time Out! is the band's debut release. With song titles such as "When I Was Your Age" and "Don't Make Me! (Turn This Car Around)", the band unleashes a 6 minute fury on straight-laced businessmen, soccer moms, and angst-ridden teens. In terms of tone and attitude, there hasn't been such a snotty punk band mocking suburbia with such a sharp tongue since the Descendents (in my opinion, that is).

The EP's highlight might be the mid-album track "What's His Name (feat. Becca)", which is a 58 second documentation of an argument between an angry teenage girl (the aforementioned "Becca") and her parents (which, ironically, seems to consist of two men) [Note: I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having two fathers. It's only ironic because the band's whole schtick is mocking suburban stereotypes and if I've learned anything from movies and the internet, suburbia has a tendency to look down on same-sex couples. Perhaps that was done intentionally though]. During the back-and-forth is lots of shouting, including the ever-popular teenage catch phrases "I hate you" and "You're ruining my life!".

The only downside to 5 Minutes in Time Out! is that only runs for 6 minutes, although the fact that its title and its runtime don't match is almost a downside too. Generally, with EPs (and especially with punk bands), running for a couple of minutes is the norm, although considering that this band and EP popped out of seemingly nowhere I don't think it would've been too much to ask for a couple more songs. But I guess 5 Minutes in Time Out! is just the beginning. It's short, fast, and hilarious. With any luck, this will be only be their Fat EP. If that's the case, I can't wait until the next release drops.

You can stream the whole thing right here. Highly recommended.

(oh yeah, I didn't mention this sooner but the band members consists of Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) and Ethan Luck (Relient K). I thought it'd be more fun to push the music rather than focus on the fact that the members come from bigger projects. Also, "Becca" is really Hayley Williams. Enjoy!

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