Thursday, April 7, 2011

NO/Bizarro Me

So I've yet to mention that I'm in my own bands. Well, sort of in my own bands. I used to be in a punk band called NO, but then we broke up. And right around the time that NO was breaking up, I joined another band, which ended up being named Bizarro Me. I played guitar in both (because who doesn't play guitar?)

NO was fast, obnoxious punk... in the vein of all those classic '77 punk bands. There was a bit of Ramones and Sex Pistols in the sound, but probably a million other bands who attempted that sound too. Our average song length was about 90 seconds and it was a lot of fun. Since our break up, we've had two reunion shows but it's unlikely that we'd ever really "reunite" or anything.

Bizarro Me is a different story. We're closer to that "orgcore" sound (if there is such a thing). Influences are The Bouncing Souls, None More Black (duh?), Latterman, Against Me!, etc. So yeah, orgcore, I guess. Songs were a bit longer than NO's songs and a bit more in-depth in terms of composition. It's not really the way that I write songs, but I had a lot of fun playing them.

As far as I know, we're (Bizarro Me) just on hiatus. We played a bunch of shows at first, but then the summer happened and our lead guitarist transferred schools. And then the Fall semester began and we all had very busy schedules and it was hard to plan practices or shows. We still would get together and play whenever we could... usually not as a full line up though (so to speak, the four of us remaining anyway).  Back in late January (2011) we played a Farewell/Reunion show. It was a farewell because I graduated and won't be around in New Paltz much as well as our drummer Jordan studying abroad, but it was also a reunion because it was the first show we had played together in months.

Anyway, since this blog is about me writing about music and stuff, I thought it was appropriate to mention that I do play music too, however infrequently it may be. Keep an eye (ear?) out for my upcoming project with former members of NO. We don't have a name yet, but so far the top three contenders for names are Deal With It, Urine Trouble and LBA (Lauren Blair's Army; a reference to JFA).

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