Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 Albums. #20: Americana by The Offspring

Anyone who knows me knows that I often cite Green Day as the band that got me into the music that I'm into today (not to get into semantics, but I'll generally be referring to it as "punk" even though many purists would strongly disagree). While that is kind of true, it's also a lie. The Offspring's Americana definitely came before.
A pretty fly introduction.
Americana is probably one of the best known Offspring albums, due in part to its singles. Pretty Fly for a White Guy, She's Got Issues, Why Don't You Get a Job?, The Kids Aren't Alright... except for that last one they're all pretty campy and dumb songs. But take away all the humorous tracks (including that quasi-cover of Feelings) and what's left is pretty solid.

Overall, Americana introduced me to 90's mainstream "punk" (if you want to call it that). This album may not have been on Epitaph, but it wasn't too far removed from it either. I was too young to really understand the themes of most of the songs (or maybe I was just too dumb) but I understood that I liked how the music sounded. Given that, there's a chance that a year later when I began listening to Green Day that I would've enjoyed it anyway but Americana was still the first semi-punk album that I started listening to on my own, which is how it found its place on my list.

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