Thursday, August 11, 2011

25 Albums Meme

I was looking through my old facebook notes and I found one that I wrote about 25 albums that have had a profound effect on my life. I skimmed through it and it made me want to do another one. Except make a new list from scratch. And write more about each album instead of a sentence or two. There's definitely going to be some overlap between this new list and that old one I wrote, but that's fine by me.

So for the next few days/weeks/months or so, I'll be posting about one of those 25 albums. Maybe if I get into the groove of things, I'll just drop the whole "25" thing and just write about an album whenever I feel like it. 

I decided to put some sort of time restrictions on the list, too, if only because it helped me cut it down to 25 and as of right now, anything that I've been listening to for less than 2 years did not make the final list.

Stay tuned for more!

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