Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bad Advice - Do Not Resuscitate

This record was recorded a few years ago, but wasn't released until a couple weeks ago for some reason.

Bad Advice has members of Government Warning, Direct Control, The Ladies, etc. and there are snippets of those bands' sounds in this. Very tight, thrashy guitars that fall somewhere between the pure guitar attack of Direct Control and something like... The Germs? Surf rock? Something like that. Ideal soundtrack for skating.

Tony Bitch's vocals are sort of recognizable from his work with The Ladies, but there's a reverb effect or something on them on this record that makes him sound like the guy from.... some 80s hardcore band. Maybe one from Boston?

Overall, this record sounds like it could have been released sometime around 1983. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid.

GSRS: Four songs in about 6.5 minutes. Not ideal, but there's enough changes in the songs that they don't feel long/boring.

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