Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cülo / Tenement - Split 7"

This is kind of a weird combination of bands, but they kind of work together.

Tenement's side has two songs that easily fall within pop punk... I can't really make the best comparisons for pop punk, but I would say Your Life or Mine has a simple, catchy '90s kind of vibe to it, while Violent Outlet has sounds a little more modern with more guitar distortion and a couple brief solos that have a frantic Greg Ginn kind of thing going on... sort of like Cülo, actually.

I'm more familiar with Cülo, and their side of this record is not surprising if you are, too. Four real fast songs, angry shouting dude, messy guitar distortion/noise, but kept real tight with driving drum beats. They also know when to slow it down here and there. Big into the '80s hardcore thing... Negative Approach and Void come to mind. The first two songs are I Don't Wanna Listen and I Don't Wanna Go to Psych Ward B, which makes me think they've been listening to a lot of Ramones, the masters of songs about not wanting to do stuff. Important note: these songs are not on Cülo's Life is Vile... and so Are We compilation on Deranged Records.

Cowabunga Records made this and they seem to be out of them... one time press of 545. May be some still floating around different distros?

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