Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Album Review: Mixtapes - Somewhere in Trinsic

So about a month ago (probably more, as my perception of time is pretty off these days) Mixtapes released a teaser EP for their debut full length, Even on the Worst Nights. While the band has released an impressive amount of music in the last two years, they've yet to release a "proper" full length album which is why Even on the Worst Nights is going to be such a big deal. (or so I assume).

Anyway, this teaser EP, Somewhere in Trinsic, is a three song release featuring the title track for the upcoming album and two B-sides. All three songs follow the progression that the band has been making over the last year, and all three sound great. Ever since the release of Hope Is for People they've really begun to refine their sound, and Somewhere in Trinsic shows a lot of progression since then (a whole year ago and then some). The leads are cleaner than they've ever been, as well as more prevalent, and the EP still shows that there's no clear distinction between "Maura" songs and "Ryan" songs and they're all really just Mixtapes songs (for the most part anyhow).

I would say that this EP has gotten me pumped for the release of Even on the Worst Nights, but I've already heard the album (it's also great) so using the future tense would be incorrect. But for fans who haven't heard the full album yet, this EP is definitely an excellent way to get you ready for the album.

Speaking of getting ready for the album, here's another b-side that the band has released. It's called "To My Friends (I Stand By You)". It's a new direction for them, but I think it works. Hopefully an album full of songs like this isn't too far off in the future.

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