Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Album Review: month - Bath Salts EP

This review was originally published on DyingScene.

month is a band from Cleveland, OH. They keep things simple, playing heavily distorted music with noodley guitar bits and vocals that can best be described as softly screaming. They bring to mind 90’s emo bands like American Football and Cap’n Jazz, although for the more contemporary comparisons, think a slightly more restrained Joyce Manor.

The “Bath Salts” EP is a two song release by month, running exactly a total of five minutes. The first track “Vernal” starts off sounding like a song by Daytrader, another band that takes heavy influence from the emo bands of yesteryear, before launching into a Joyce Manor-esque brand of garage-emo-revival (or whatever you want to call it).

Whereas “Vernal” comes off sounding more like a modern take on classic emo, the second song, “Thermos”, is pure vintage. From the very beginning the guitars play a soft, repeating riff that vocalist Dylan England sings softly over. The instrumentation gradually becomes less clean and more distorted as the song continues. It is safe to say that “Thermos” would not be out of place on a Mike Kinsella album.

Being a two song EP, “Bath Salts” doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. But what it lacks in length, it makes up for in quality song writing. They might not be the first band to rip material straight from the 90’s emo scene and put their own spin on it, but month certainly knows how to do it very well. Showing off the band’s strength and promise, the “Bath Salts” EP is definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired” and want more before the year is over.

RIYL: Joyce Manor, American Football, Daytrader

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