Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Junior Battles offering Idle Ages for free download

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog with anything new, so I thought this would be some exciting news to hopefully kick things back into gear. 

I've written about Junior Battles before. Their debut album, Idle Ages, was one of my favorite releases of 2011, and it remains to get consistent plays well into 2012. They have a technical musicianship of a band like Latterman and combine it with the cynicism of the Dopamines, and then top it off with vocals that sound kind of like early Fall Out Boy. That's a bit of an odd description, but don't let it turn you off at all!

Anyway, Paper + Plastick Records is offering a free download of Idles Ages for the next two days. You can check it out right over here. And if you'd like to read the review that I wrote for Idle Ages, you can find it right here.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to have enough free time to work on this blog some more. I miss writing in it.

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