Saturday, October 15, 2011

25 Albums. #01: International Superhits! by Green Day

Oh hey, it's another Green Day album.

This is a singles collection, yes, but this is the album that got me started on the musical path that I took. Like all the kids in the 90's before me, if it weren't for Green Day, I wouldn't have ever heard of the Clash or Ramones and then I wouldn't have become interested in checking out punk rock from the 80's and so forth.

Before this album, it was all soundtracks and NOW! compilations, with the occasional album by a one-hit wonder bought solely for that one single. And "Weird Al" Yankovich. Lots of "Weird Al" Yankovich.

Then I got this album one year for Christmas and it all changed. The funny thing is, I didn't even ask for it- I had wanted Sum 41's All Killer, No Filler (I also got that album). But needless to say, I received it as a gift and it literally didn't leave my discman for the rest of the school year (except for when I wanted to play it on my mini-boombox). I learned the words to every song and then the summer in between middle and high school was spent doing nothing but pretty much listening to Green Day as I had then bought copies of every one of their albums for myself and learned all the words to almost all of those songs too. Then I got sick of all those songs from overexposure and stopped listening to Green Day for awhile until American Idiot came out, which the entire world then got sick of from overexposure.

But I digress. I believe that I can safely say that without International Superhits!, I would be a very different person right now. Thanks Green Day.

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