Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mikey Erg - Fucifier

Despite playing for a million and one bands and, presumably, having a life outside of music, Mikey Erg still found time in his schedule to record a new EP titled Fucifier.

To be fair, the EP is an incredibly short and fast thrash punk EP, much like the work that the Ergs! would sometimes record (such as their Thrash Compactor EP or even the Adult Swim Theme) and with a run time of three and a half minutes it probably didn't take a very long time to record.

Mikey Erg recorded the entire thing himself and if this Punknews article is to be believed, he also wrote the songs while in the studio rather than before. He tears through each track with a ferocity that he only hinted at during his time with the love-struck Ergs, screaming all the words that it's hard to even know what he's saying.

Far from his best recorded work, Fucifier, if nothing else, shows off the man's incredible diversity and ability to play very thrashy sounding punk in stark contrast to the pop punk and indie that he usually plays.

Things to note:
-Track four is a cover of F.Y.P's Dum Cos I Said So and it's pretty awesome and even faster and shorter than the original.
-Perhaps it's Mikey's time with Star Fucking Hipsters that inspired him to record something a bit heavier?
-The entire thing is streaming on bandcamp. If you really want to get an idea of his musical diversity, listen to the other songs he also has up. It's funny to hear Chicago Pussy back-to-back with his cover of Jonathan Richman's I'm a Little Dinosaur and realize that they were recorded only months apart.

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