Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review in Haiku - Direct Hit! / Hold Tight! Split

Trying something new, just for kicks. Direct Hit! and Hold Tight! recently released a digital split album that features both bands playing music that's heavier than what they normally play. The physical version (on 12" vinyl) comes out in March.

Direct Hit! side                       Hold Tight! side
Heavy, heavy stuff.                    Fast and melodic
Almost metal but not quite.            Less Lifetime, more J. Shevchuk.
Stars guest vocalist.                  Less time, more feedback.

Not usual fare.                        Raw singing, gang vox
Some will love, some will hate it      Big bass, chugged guitars and drums.
Fuck you. Get pumped. (Bitch).         Sometimes less is more. 

Things to note:
-As mentioned on Direct Hit!'s bandcamp page: they got their friend Kyle Booth (of the band Whiskeypig) to sing on their half of this split.
-As their bandcamp also states, these songs were originally written for a different project when the members didn't think Direct Hit! was going to last. They might as well form an alter-ego band to perform these songs.
-It seems as of Hold Tight! has an alter-ego band of their own called Tight Hold.
-The cover for this split is highly reminiscent of Black Flag's Damaged. Given that this split features some of the heaviest work by both bands, this is can't be a coincidence.
-Yes, that is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference that I made.

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