Tuesday, September 27, 2011

25 Albums. #06: All Killer, No Filler by Sum 41

I was 12 or 13 when this album came out. It was right around the time when the new wave of radio friendly (kids who listened to Dookie or Enema of the State a few times and decided to pick up a guitar) "punk" (I use the term loosely should any purists be reading this) began to blossom.

This is a fun album. You can tell the guys in the band were just out of high school, wanted to have fun and were lucky enough to be able to put out an album that I'm sure was blasting at plenty of college parties. They drastically improved over time and now they're hardly recognizable as the same band but this entry isn't about that. All Killer, No Filler was one of the first albums I owned that I could call one of my favorites. It's only a half hour long and contains plenty of catchy hooks that will get stuck in your head if you're willing to listen and not pretend that you're too punk for it. I'm not sure if I still know all the words to it, but I know that about 4 years ago when I went on a night drive with my roommate and we listened to this album... I sang along to every track without missing a beat. Even the 80's metal tribute, Pain for Pleasure. No, I was not able to replicate that scream.

This also has Fat Lip on it. Screw you, I still like that song.

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