Thursday, September 1, 2011

25 Albums. #18: nimrod. by Green Day

nimrod. was one of the first albums I ever bought with my own money. It was one of the only Green Day albums that my parents didn't have (39/Smooth and Kerplunk being the other two) (this was before 2004) and I had been really curious to hear it because I already knew I liked all the singles from it (thanks to International Superhits, but more on that later).

nimrod. is the first Green Day album to really showcase some growth in terms of style. There are the standard Green Day tracks (Nice Guys Finish Last, All the Time), acoustic tunes (Good Riddance), harmonica ballads (Walking Alone), silly ska songs (King for a Day), attempts at hardcore (Reject), surf instrumentals (Last Ride In) and a bit of extra instrumentation not heard on a Green Day album before. (the violin in Hitchin' a Ride, baseball bats on the B-side, Desensitized, etc.) So if anyone says that American Idiot was bad because Green Day experimented with and changed their sound too much, you know that they're full of shit and have no clue what they're talking about. But I digress. (Note: it's one thing if a person just doesn't like the album, my comments are merely directed at those who make blind complaints about American Idiot not sounding like Green Day's older albums when their older albums already have a bunch of diverse sounds on them).

Anywho, nimrod. played a large impact on my life because it signifies when I really began to listen to music on my own instead of just burning CDs that my parents already owned. I don't necessarily think it's the greatest Green Day album (Insomniac is) but I do think it was very important in shaping my musical tastes.

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