Thursday, September 15, 2011

25 Albums. #09: Sink or Swim by The Gaslight Anthem

I'm pretty much a walking cliché, I realize this.

I don't even think I can pinpoint the exact reason I love this band or album so much. I'll admit that I don't actually know what more than half the songs are about but I know that they make me feel comforted when I listen to them. I checked these guys out after seeing their name thrown around a lot on various websites and I was hooked on my first listen. That was almost four years ago now. I spent the entire summer of 2008 listening to almost nothing but this album (and the Señor and the Queen EP) and I'm not really sure what impact it had on me other than that I really, really like it. It didn't introduce me to any new styles of music, it didn't get me to be comfortable with admitting that I liked or took influence from genres other than punk, it didn't get me to look at life in a new way... I just really like listening to it.

I guess it introduced me to a band that I finally would be able to say that I liked more than Green Day. But other than that, I just like it a lot.

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