Thursday, September 15, 2011

25 Albums. #11: I Don't Want to Grow Up by Descendents

For anyone who doesn't know, I Don't Want to Grow Up is the second album by the Descendents. It's not as fast or snotty as their debut, Milo Goes to College, but it's still just as every bit of a classic. I know I've mentioned several times how I always really liked the way that the band took the fast, hardcore sound but wrote songs about girls and fishing instead of the usual politics that punk was known for in the 80's.

I Don't Want to Grow Up marks when the band started to go for a more melodic sound (particularly on the b-side) while also retaining their in-your-face style from their debut. But everyone already knows that this is a more mature album than Milo Goes to College, so I won't go on about that anymore.

This album is perfect. The last five tracks are flawless; an amazing way to end a record and also make for some of the best songs to ever put on a mixtape for that special someone (*ahemSillyGirlahem*).
Okay, so maybe not Christmas Vacation...
But the rest of the songs on this album rock too. The title track expresses the same sentiments that every young 20-something feels about growing up, My World embraces being a nerd, and Theme showed off the talents and musicianship of the band members showing they weren't a bunch of kids who just learned how to play their instruments. I Don't Want to Grow Up may be lacking the blistering speed of Milo Goes to College, but it's just as heavy and dense in many ways.

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